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Tidy Space

If you're feeling overwhelmed or having trouble finding things, let me help you save time and energy by creating organizing systems that fit your needs. 


Colleen Shaw

Trained Professional Organizer

I spent years helping friends and family organize and redesign their space. My honest belief in life is an organized space is a happy space - not only is that for concrete things but also mind space! Tidy Space – Happy Mind.

I love nothing more than connecting with my clients one on one to simplify their space and finally bring the mental clarity they have been searching for.  Know that you are not alone in this - 83% of Canadians feel extremely disorganized! 


I take time to learn about you, how you live in your space and set up custom solutions for you to maintain.  

 I also know how to do light "handy-person" activities such as installation of closet systems, wall repair, painting, woodwork, etc.  If a tradesperson is required, I have a large network of trusted service providers to call on.  

I would love the opportunity to make your space more enjoyable and productive.  It will reflect your individual character, unique aesthetic, and personal needs. ​  I enjoy decluttering and organizing and I am really good at it.  I love a good mess!!

If you'd like to get the process started, please fill out the contact form or give me a call.  



Happy Mind

What if your home felt uncluttered and

you were surrounded by only things that you love
and that bring value to your life?

The Organizing Process


sort & categorize

First, I'll sort your belongings into categories. Once you see how many items you have in each category, then you can decide what to keep.


edit & declutter

I'll guide you through the decision making process.  Do you want to keep it, sell it, donate it, or toss it?  You get to make the final decision. We  will work at your pace too.


organize  & contain

Once we know what items will stay in the space, we'll design an organizing system that will assist you now and in the future.  We'll  purchase any products we'll need, and organize everything.  


  establish systems

After putting everything in its place, we'll go over the system and establish the routines that will help you maintain the organization.  We can arrange a session to re-evaluate in a month if you would like too.

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