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Senior Downsizing & Transitioning

one of life's top stressors

no matter the age or stage of life, no one likes to move.  Moving a parent or another family member can be a lot worse.  Working with other family members rarely goes as smoothly as you thought. it would

no time

with the pressures and demands of life, taking time to move family members can be very challenging

solution to the distance gap

today's family may live across town or across the country.  During the move I can communicate with out of town family

a 3rd party perspective

looking at things in an objective, impartial way which brings creative solutions and productive ideas to the move 

senior transitioning

we will collaborate to make difficult choices about what to keep and what simple won't fit into a smaller residence or a Community Care Retirement Community.  (CCRC)

ingenuity & creativity

designing and decorating an esthetically pleasing space using cherished objects, artifacts, and repurposing furniture

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