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Decluttering & Organizing


an in-person Assessment of your space will help me to addresses your specific needs and habit so that I can simplify your home and make it more efficient, present and peaceful.

a plan

we'll determine the desired outcome and establish priorities and set goals and timelines.  i will create a plan on how to tackle your space - whether your office, kitchen cabinets, pantry, closets, living areas, bedrooms, basement, attic, bathrooms, playroom, craft room, or garage. 


we'll declutter the space and sort items into 4 categories. keep, recycle, trash, donate/sell.  making sure that the keep items will fit in the assigned space.   


organizing is a process and it will likely look worse before it gets better.   items are organized and containerized in a logical order depending on your needs and preferences.  i'll set up systems so you can keep the spaces organized from this point on.



does the end result meet the initial goals and vision?  evaluation is an ongoing process and may involve altering, refining and improving your plan as you go along.  

maintain /modify the system

maintenance may be required to keep the system going.  it is important to understand that the organizing system installed will need to be updated as your situations change. i am available as an ongoing resource.

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