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Real Estate Decluttering & Staging

why do i need this service?

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  • I can coordinate junk and donation pick-ups

  • it’s important to stage your garage as well to show its value

  • garages can be more than just homes for your vehicles - many serve as storage units and the  clutter can turn off buyers ​

  • i am meticulous and have the necessary expertise to sort through papers & organize critical documents

  • if you are still within the service area I can also pack and unpack into your new home as well

  • seeking expert advice on preparing your home for sale sold will increase your chances of getting top dollar


  • is your home overflowing with personal possessions

  • i can help transform your home so you can get it listed as quickly as possible

  • with the families or executors’ guidance we will go through the household and decide whether to donate, sell, consign, recycle, trash, shred or put items in storage

  • de-personalize your home & highlight your homes best features  making it look brighter, warmer and more inviting.

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